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Decrease Your Downtime
Don't lose sales or customers because your ports are down. Ensure that your inbound and outbound email ports are working. Atwatch Site Checker will let you know immediately when there is a port error. Site Checker will monitor up to 5 of your IP addresses every 5, 15 or 30 minutes for as low as $39.95/year.

Stay on top of potential and active network performance issues. Keep your web servers, emails and other services running smoothly with Site Checker. Ports include Port 80, Port 25 (email), Port 443 (SSL), Custom TCP Ports, to name a few.
Site Checker is brought to you by InternetSeer/Atwatch - the largest website monitoring service in the world with over 1.4 million websites owners relying on being alerted when their website goes down.
 Website Uptime Monitoring : Know within minutes when your site is down!
 Mail Server Monitoring : How do you know when emails aren't getting to you? WE DO AND YOU WILL TOO!
 Receive Instant Alerts : Instant Alerts to your cell phone, email!
 Port Monitoring : Unlike some services, Site Checker lets you monitor ports such as email, ftp, ssh, ssl and much more.
up to 5 Ports
every 30 minutes
NOW $39.95
per year
up to 5 Ports
every 15 minutes
NOW $59.95
per year
up to 5 Ports
every 5 minutes
NOW $99.95
per year

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